How To Get Ride Alternative Of Cable TV -For 2017

Cable TV Alternative For 2017 A Step-by-Step Guide How To Access Free

4 years, the only way to see the most talked about television programs and major sporting events with cable TV. But the cost of the 4-way channels, pay more than $ 100 a month for a large block of price is basically no difference, even just a look. I knew it was time to cut the cord and cable television liquidation.

​If you get rid of cable television, then you have come to the right place.

These days, you are given the opportunity to achieve the highest value of all your favorite channels in several methods of cable, long-term contract, or other defects in the traditional cable television.​

I have my mother there any means that cable television had thousands of hours of research, testing and review. I got rid of cable. and never returned. I cut the cord, you can save close to $ 100 a month, you can get!

Believe it or not, cable can be difficult, and you do not have to get rid of modern technical skills. Then I will say that there are a cable TV options, and you take step by step, how much you need and you can spend (or more accurately).

Let's get started now ...

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3 Easy steps to alternative of cable TV forever

1. Your choice of a streaming service

But no matter how many TV shows, movies, and cut the cord is not surprising, then, who live sporting events. Getting rid of cable TV offering all of your favorite entertainment.

Cable TV options for your favorite channels to keep

Firstly, let's talk about what I want to call "alternative cable only." This Live Transmission service shows you the most popular payment of TV channels - ESPN, AMC, Fox News, HGTV, HBO ... without a cable TV subscription. Channels are transmitted over the Internet and a streaming, phone, tablet or computer (this step is 2 more) but live on TV.

This channel, which the wire to drink, but no contract there (which means that at any time you can cancel), packages are usually much cheaper, and the TV, and it is where most of the streaming services Free trial offer you sign up a week before or a single penny paid for the opportunity to try it out.

From now on, some important services are great replacement for those looking to get rid of live broadcast cord only to get rid of television. These directs now include Shot Firing TV, fuboTV and PlayStation Vue. And most of these services are scheduled for departure on YouTube, such as YouTube, 2017, and others are set to launch their own alternative cable TV live broadcast.

I have to replace the cable service, the widely tested, and although they are very similar, they are the most suitable for each of them suitable for a variety of cable cutter that have their own advantages. Let's briefly go over each one


Cost: $35/month & up

Free Trial Offer: 7-day free trial

Ideal for: Long-time cable/satellite TV users

Direct TV is now available from Live Streaming Service such as AT & T, which provides a comprehensive selection of channels at a reasonable price to the customers. Do not fool you the name - this is not a satellite TV; This is a streaming application.​

The basic package 'A little bus' is $ 35 a month, starting with ESPN, AMC, CNN Disney Channel, Fox News, TBS, T & T, Weather Channel, and more than 60 channels every month. Additional channels are available in more expensive packages, including regional sports networks, premium channels, and more.​

Because I think Direct is very suitable for those who have been using Cable or Satellite Television for a long time it provides a large list of channels and surfing through channels find some of the traditional network guides available. Therefore, it's cable when you're using it, but no deal and everything is transmitted through your internet connection. This user experience makes a good choice for those who are cutting the cable only and do not want to learn a completely new interface.​

Sling TV

Cost: $20/month & up

Free Trial Offer: 7-day free trial

Ideal for: Budget-conscious cord cutters

Sling TV can all start with a price of less than $ 20 a month, customers can transmit a collection of popular cable channels to their TVs, computers and mobile devices.​

Sling TV channel throw is a list of common suspects, so you can see ESPN, ESPN2, HGTV, T & T, TBS and many other great channels. You can also add small packages to their subscription channels based on their area of interest, while creating something from an experience not away from you.​


Cost: $35/month

Free Trial Offer: 7-day free trial

Ideal for: Sports fans

FuboTV has been created with hardcore sports fans feeling. If you are a fan of NFL and College football, technology, even NBA, the NHL, golf, football, or even sports niche like cycling and races, the extensive selection of fuboTV channels is a great way to keep in touch with all the activities available in live sports.​

So you can cancel at any time, including FuboTV, $ 35 a month, and any streaming like other streaming services, and popular game channels like FS1, FS2, Fox, NBCSN and more. FuboTV is one of my favorite features:​

PlayStation Vue

Cost: $30/month & up

Free Trial Offer: 5-day free trial

Ideal for: Families with multiple viewers

But last but not the least, alternative cable TV we will see is the PlayStation Vue. First, let's get one thing from its way - despite its name, there will be no playstation to use this service. It is available on the device.​

Like other Live Streaming Services, Vue Contract offers a collection of popular TV channels streaming a salary without subscription. So, what makes their colleagues different from Vue?​

What I Like About PlayStation Vue It offers something for everyone, it is ideal protection for families. Sports fans can get channels like ESPN and Technology Network; News junkies can see CNN and Fox News; Kids can enjoy Disney Channel; And it has expanded its competitiveness (CBS, Fox, ABC, NBC) on local television availability in the local market.​

Amazon Prime

Cost: $99/year for a full Amazon Prime membership; $9/month for video only

Free Trial Offer: 30-day free trial

Ideal for: Amazon shoppers; Families; Fans of critically acclaimed TV shows and movies

Amazon Prime Instant Video (free 30 day trials) is a competition with streaming service company Netflix. Probably the most underrated streaming services are out there. And here's the thing - most people already have it, but they even realize it.​

If you are a major member then you have much more access than a free two-day shipping Amazon (my family only gets a ton of free shipping outside). First class subscription offers a ton of other benefits, including access to its video streaming services which are loaded with plenty of TV shows and awesome movies.​

Many people do not realize how much TV shows and movies Amazon Prime provides. They offer a huge library that includes the Supernoj, Wire, True Blood and more like HBO Classic; His own real and award-winning programming that has some Netflix's publications (transparent, Man in High Castle, Mozart in Forest, etc.); And a ton of popular current and classic TV shows and movies.​

And when those of you who do not know, Prime customers will get free shipping order for 2 days, a huge library of music streaming, and more. It's just $ 99 a year for the first full membership, and my membership has been paid for itself over many times. Amazon also offers its streaming video service as a non-coherent option if you are not interested in many other benefits of Prime Membership in the month of 9 months, but members only get the first one in my opinion such a good quality​

CBS All Access

Cost: $5.99/month & up

Free Trial Offer: 7-day free trial

Ideal for: Fans of hit network TV shows

CBS is usually seen in most TVs. They reached series such as Girls from Criminal Minds, NCIS, and 2 Broke; Stephen Colbert Lett Show With Popular Evening Television; And with major college football and NFL and incidents, Kelly carry.​

CBS has access to all, what the network has to offer is the best access to full access. The menu has over 8,500 episodes of the current series, and I also like the classic Lucy Lucie has been included in the classic series.​

And around 80% of the market offers all the access to your local CBS affiliate life streaming. So if you are in the market, you can stream everything that comes through CBS 'NFL Games, college football games, your local news and channels.​

All access to CBS, no contract starting at $ 5.99 per month, but there are some advertisements this value. For an experience without commercial, all access to CBS will cost $ 9.99 monthly.​


Cost: $7.99/month & up

Free Trial Offer: 7-day free trial

Ideal for: See the current TV show in season

One of the other common complaints and complaints about Netflix on the demand of other streaming services shows only past, season which means that you can not keep up with a show that you want and is happening in the current season to avoid the spieler.

With hammer, that's not the case. The huloo air provides the widespread selection of the TV program (except CBS) and some cable programs as soon as the current network TV. This means that usually do not have to wait months to send the program that you are interested in. Humpus often provides leading programs in the past, so you can not bend to finish.

In addition, Hulu, with its own original programming, has started praising critics' path, 11.22.63, casual, Mindy project, and series.

The basic plan is $ 7.99 per month, but some commercials are included. You can leave the business for $ 11.99 per month. And finally, you can add a complete library of streaming to your account for an additional $ 8.99 per month.